Brussels Research and INNovation center for Green technologies

Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies

Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies (BRING) is a nonprofit organization for the development of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions. BRING is active in the research and development of various rechargeable energy storage systems and energy technologies for e-mobility and stationary applications. BRING is dealing with topics in the field of green technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, lightweight materials, hydrogen storage, automated vehicles and drones. The research area covers different aspects of batteries at different scales starting from cells up to large battery packs. Through development of next-generation battery supported by multi-scale mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence solutions, BRING has been contributing significantly to the development process of energy storage systems and clean energy. 

Light-weight materials

Development of innovative materials, processes and technologies for current and next-generation batteries


Research in alternative power sources for engines such as fuel cell and hydrogen technologies


Acceleration of the development and deployment of automated vehicles and drones enhancing safety, mobility, and sustainability

ADditive manufacturing

Development of technologies to build 3D objects and bring digital flexibility and efficiency to manufacturing operations

It's time, change your battery


BRING offers customized solutions for next-generation battery system, simulation and modelling, state function algorithm development, battery management development, battery storage system assessment and dimensioning.

Digital solutions

BRING develops autonomous and automated platform, integrating computational modelling, material synthesis and characterization, battery cell assembly and device-level testing. The purpose is to understand, predict, optimize, and control the real system based on the model in the virtual space. BRING develops digital twins of battery systems which facilitate predictions about the future state of the energy storage systems, thus improving the use of batteries and extending their service life.

Artificial intelligence

The properties of batteries are often determined by complex phases and interfaces that are challenging to investigate with experiments or first-principles calculations. BRING develops simulations based on accurate and efficient machine-learning (ML) models trained on first-principles data can provide insight into atomic-scale phenomena in such phases.

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